Our aim; Our pilot candidates to overseas countries, especially in educational opportunities and EASA and FAA facilities in the country; Flight training consultancy and career planning coaching. Abroad and type training are provided by our partners through our contracted flight and training partners. We always have the desire to have general and sport aviation culture and training gains on the basis of professional aviation, Because of this reason, with our flight training partnership cooperation with Flight Schools in general aviation and education infrastructure developed countries, we can offer pilot candidates to pilot with the most advanced educational infrastructure facilities in EASA and FAA countries through our training partner.

For to develop aviation in our country all the knowledge and experience of our country by sharing pilot candidates and families on various platforms provide the contribution of real information to aviation, young pilots of our candidates when their career plans EASA, FAA and the DGCA as the authority of the latest and bulunarak an important contribution to the industry by enabling informed about current legal practice long training of pilot candidates embark on this path, giving special attention to be informed about the candidates in front of the waiting period.

We are pleased to see the contributions of our student candidates and our parents to the positive feedback provided by the impartial and accurate information provided by our country in the civil aviation sector. The conferences, seminars and meeting invitations we received from the aerospace departments of the universities have provided us with positive expectation of the service we have made without any expectation and we have been the source of happiness and satisfaction that is impossible to describe.

All labor and effort; According to the published sector statistics, to contribute to the satisfaction of the ongoing quality pilot in the world.

Assign the heart of the feeling of flying in the sky to meet with all aviation enthusiasts,

Flight Training & Pilot Career Planning Coach